We'll Always Have Paris. Or Will Wee?

In light of World Toilet Day, Pam Lazos discusses the accessibility of toilets in cities such as New York, Paris, and others around the world.

Look Really Close: Bugs and Environmental Health

Tom McKeon discusses the impact of bugs on the quality of drinking water, and talks about developing your own biological samplings. 

When Chemicals Collide

A discussion by Pam Lazos on the implications of chemicals in our food and water.

Science Outreach Tips and Tools

Tom and Liz detail the outreach workshop they presented at the American Society for Microbiology: Microbe conference in New Orleans.

A Drop of Life

Director Shalini Kantayya inspires us to beat the odds!

Wait, Before You Flush

P.J. Lazos on how our wastewater can become our resourcewater.

Re-envisioning Innovation: Funding, Infrastructure, and Public Perceptions of Wastewater Reuse

Alan Beyersdorf on how to scale our actions to maintain an impact on the world water issues of today. 

10 Gallon Challenge for World Water Day, or Any Day

For World Water Day, we consider how much water inundates our daily lives.

Your Assimilative Capacity Has Been Reached!

The troubling implications of California’s recent flooding as discussed by Pam Lazos in the fourth installment of Let’s Talk Water.


Pam Lazos reflects on the life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the reason for the day off. 

World Toilet Day

P.J. details the reasons for World Toilet Day – a day to do some thinking.

Thirsty Burger, or Playing With Numbers

The third Installment of the blog series Let’s Talk Water  by P.J. Lazos; be prepared to see things in a new, watery lens. 

Really? Swimming in Urban Streams After It Rains Exposes You to Fecal Matter?

Tom McKeon explains how rainwater runoff can mean trouble for urban swimmers. 

Water Wars

Dive into the second installment of the Let’s Talk Water blog series by P.J. Lazos!

Are you Secure, Water Secure?

P. J. Lazos premiers her blog series: Let’s Talk Water