Committed to increasing global access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene services by engaging the Philadelphia community and beyond.

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For World Water Day 2020 from GWA President Christiaan Morssink

Global Water Alliance envisions a world where all people have access to safe drinking water and sanitation

We provide assistance to others who work on ameliorating the water needs of poor and underserved peoples everywhere, we mentor the next generation of professionals, and we promote a “water footprint mindset” among our youth.
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Revenge of the Fatberg

Revenge of the Fatberg

Keep Fats, Oils and Grease in the Trash Where They Belong Keep water FOG-free In February 2021, a brewing toxic mess of waste comprised of such culprits as wet wipes, diapers, sanitary pads, cotton swabs and other detritus fused with fats, oils and grease from...

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Toilets, Latrines, and Everything in Between

by Corinna Wang [public toilet at Bryant Park in NYC © pam lazos] Most conversations around bodily functions can be uncomfortably embarrassing discussions, especially those concerning use of the bathroom. Everyone has a bathroom ritual they deem necessary, one that...

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We Are Water Protectors

Stories and prophecies surrounding Mother Earth and Father Sky are abundant in indigenous folklore where Indigenous People have long protected the earth from those who would seek to abuse her resources. That’s why it is so wonderful to see that storytelling tradition...

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