Tony Sauder

J. Anthony (Tony) Sauder is a registered professional engineer and geologist with more
than 40 years of experience in water resources, hydrogeology and environmental engineering.
At the University of Pennsylvania, he serves as an academic advisor and lecturer in the Masters
of Applied Geosciences and Masters of Environmental Science (MSAG) and Masters of
Environmental Science programs and serves as a senior advisor to the Water Center at Penn.
For over 15 years, he has brought practical experience to his hydrology classes from working at
Pennoni on challenging groundwater supply and stream restoration projects. In between
consulting, he lived and worked internationally as a volunteer for 10 years on projects involving
water supply and sustainable development in Chad, Sudan, and Honduras. He has mentored
projects with Engineers without Borders (EWB) in Honduras, Guatemala and Cameroon. Tony
received a dual master’s degree in Civil Engineering and Engineering Geology from Drexel.  He
serves on the GWA projects committee, and advised on GWA supported projects in Kenya,
Cameroon and Guatemala.