Ed Grusheski 1946-2020

by Chrisitaan Morssink

Ever-smiling Ed

Our founding board member and treasurer Ed Grusheski left the stage on December 22, 2020. We lost a great friend, most gentle colleague and socially engaging professional who inspired many. Before losing his battle with cancer, Ed experienced several health setbacks in his retirement years, but he took those in stride and kept going with aplomb and passion for the cause of water education, both here and abroad. Not too long ago he represented the GWA at our 10th annual conference in Kolkata, where, as usual, he made friends and built out our network with just a stroke of his hand, a smile on his face, and some well-chosen words. 

He had style, much underscored by the bow-tie as part of his usual attire, but even in a t-shirt, he carried himself as a man at ease with the environ of the moment. As such he was a globalist, a citizen of the world.  

A lover of the arts, Ed was specifically fond of architectural designs and the history of “human, urban nesting.” The architecture of the Fairmount Water Works was a major inspiration for him as he sought to Save the Water Works as an essential contribution to Philadelphia’s heritage, now globally acknowledged in the designation of Philadelphia as a World Heritage City. 

We at the GWA are going to miss Ed. And we want to keep the memory of him alight in our work and outreach. Ed was at his best as an educator and storyteller of WASH.  We shall dedicate our work in global WASH education in his honor.

Dr. Morssink is the President of the Global Water Alliance and his interests are as varied and flowing as water itself, and include: the effects of the built environment on health, elimination of health disparities, hunger, and urban farming, and the campaign to ban and clear landmines and cluster bombs in communities around the world. Water is his first love.