Committed to increasing global access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene services by engaging the Philadelphia community and beyond.

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For World Water Day 2020 from GWA President Christiaan Morssink

Global Water Alliance envisions a world where all people have access to safe drinking water and sanitation

We provide assistance to others who work on ameliorating the water needs of poor and underserved peoples everywhere, we mentor the next generation of professionals, and we promote a “water footprint mindset” among our youth.
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Pass the PVA, Please

the infamous tide pod © pam lazos When the kids were little I think I did a hundred loads of laundry a week.  Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but I easily did a few loads every couple days, depending on their activity levels.  At that time, I was a big fan of the large...

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Here, There, and Everywhere

The Problem with Microplastics in Water and What Women Scientists are Doing to Solve It photo credit: wH2O Journal Read all about it in wH2O, The Journal of Gender and Water, Volume 8 (2021) right here: Pam Lazos...

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Stunted Children from Stunted Mothers

And the Need for Improved Maternal Water Literacy. by Dr. Christiaan Morssink  stunted on the vine © pam lazos In the late nineties, the World Health Organization undertook a major international study to create a growth chart for children 0-5yrs....

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