Christian Rwakazina

Christian is currently the IT Procurement Manager for Resources for Human Development.
Christian has spent many years advancing ecological awareness and bodily fitness.

A University of Maryland (UMD) graduate in Economics, he found success in finance.
From a phone operator, he found himself as an integral member of the offshore fund accounting team at a local financial services firm.

As a civic duty, Christian contributes within the city of Philadelphia in various capacities.
In conversations with Horticultural Society and the SEPTA, he (with the help of President Christiaan
Morssink) has identified locations for growing native and remediative plants. Also advising on ways in which soil health can be measured.

In his spare time, Christian also repairs and teaches bicycle maintenance to peers, children, and anyone with an interest. As an IT professional, he also encourages his team to get out and walk more, as a mitigation to the pernicious effects of the sedentary nature of such a career.