Sunrise, Cape May, NJ

It’s always been interesting to me how the holy days in the christian calendar overlap with the pagan holidays of old. Before we had Christmas, there was the Germanic Yule — which gave us things like yuletide caroling and the yule log — and the Roman Saturnalia, a rousing ruckus of a time when laws were temporarily suspended and people exchanged gifts, got rip-roaring drunk, and ate — wait for it — fruit cake!

Moody Sunrise, Cape May, NJ


No matter what your holiday you celebrate, remember there is no wine without clean water. A little something to ponder while you drink your Christmas ale.

Misty Sunrise, Cape May, NJ

Here comes the sun!

Technically, Sunset, Cape May, NJ

Pam Lazos is the VP of Communications for GWA as well as an author, blogger, and water-lover.  She practices laughter daily.