World Toilet Day!

How does a species evolve? For centuries, people lived side-by-side with their waste, throwing it into the streets, into the rivers, over the back fence, out of sight, out of mind.

But that’s never been the best solution since waste by definition is full of pathogens that can seriously impact human health and with almost 8 billion of us on the planet, the waste stream is rising.

Children are an especially vulnerable population.

As are those living in rural communities where access to water is expensive and often prohibitive due to difficult terrain and distance from the wastewater treatment plant.

In developing countries, women and girls bear the extra burden of a lack of access to clean, safe water, missing school because of starting their menses, or being removed from school to walk long distances to get water for the family.

Technologies such as the compostable toilet can ease the burden of deaths related to lack of sanitation.

Today, skip the coffee and instead, make a donation in favor of WASH — water, sanitation and hygiene.  Your donation to GWA will support programs and projects dedicated to bringing water to those who need it most.  Thank you in advance for your support.